What Should I Look for When Buying a Used Tractor?

What to Know Before You Buy a Used Tractor

Whether you own a little bit of land or an expansive property, chances are that there are plenty of projects that need to get done on any given day. While it may seem overwhelming, these tasks can be easily carried out with the help of a tractor. Based on a number of factors, buying a used tractor, rather than a new one, could be the right decision, especially from a financial standpoint. That said, there are a few key factors to consider before choosing a machine.

Remember That a Tractor is Not a Car

When looking to buy a used tractor, it is important to remember that this process should not be the same as buying a car - the main difference between the two experiences is the lifespan of the purchase. While a reliable car could last 10-15 years on the road, a tractor can carry on working for several decades. With this in mind, customers should not instantly turn away from buying a used tractor that is 25 years old, especially if it has been well-maintained and can meet your operational needs.

Narrow Down the Type of Tractor You’ll Need

Operators can choose from a variety of tractors to meet their specific needs. Categories include:

  • Compact Utility Tractors – Primarily used for landscaping and other small tasks, such as nursery work, these models will look like a smaller version of agricultural tractors.
  • Utility Tractors – Models that fall within this category are slightly bigger and offer more power than compact utility tractors. Thanks to the number of attachments that can be added, these tractors are perfect for general chores around the property, such as excavation, livestock, or hay production.
  • Row Crop Tractors – These are larger tractors that are often used to complete specialized field tasks thanks to their ability to haul field-use implements.
  • Articulated 4WD Tractors – Some of the largest tractors on the market, these models are able to pull planting and tillage implements and can also be beneficial when looking to level land.

Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

Once you have decided on the type of tractor you plan to purchase, it is time for some in-depth research. Look into the tractor’s capabilities and its history before the purchase, including the repairs and replacements that may have been done in the past.

Consider the Post-Purchase Process

When it comes time to buy your used tractor, work closely with your dealer to discuss financing terms, transportation of the machine to your location, and the overall maintenance process.

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